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Oil cake of soybean and sunflower seeds

Oil cake of soybean and sunflower seeds

Production and trade of soybeans and sunflower seeds is one of the most rapidly developing business lines of SENDA activity.

This business area is represented by the following product line: sunflower oil cake, soybean oil cake, corn oil cake.

In course of the processing of oilseeds SENDA produces about 2000 tons of oil cake of different kinds monthly. For production we use organic raw materials in order to get a high-quality fodder product.

To assess the quality of cake manufactured by SENDA, we are ready to provide samples of products that will allow you to decide on the future purchase.

SENDA sells in bulk by-products of soybean and sunflower seeds throughout Ukraine and abroad. For further information about export terms of vegetable proteins please go to Export/Import.


In bulk, for export deliveries packing in bags or big bags is possible

Minimum order

From 20 tons

Delivery geography

Ukraine and abroad


Delivery by our own vehicles