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Meal (shrot) of soybean and sunflower seeds

Meal (shrot) of soybean and sunflower seeds

SENDA produces and sells soybean and sunflower by-products. Producing about 2 000 tons of meal monthly, we can provide our customers with high quality feed product of own production.

We offer sunflower and soybean meal that meets the standards set for these products, as they are produced from natural and pollution-free raw materials. Quality certificates, as well as product samples are available at your request.

Sunflower and soybean meal is delivered either in Ukraine or abroad. For more information about export deliveries go to Export/Import or contact with manager for export.

SENDA is engaged in the production of sunflower and soybean oil cake. More details about oil cake...


In bulk, for export deliveries packing in bags or big bags is possible

Minimum order

From 20 tons

Delivery geography

Ukraine and abroad


Delivery by our own vehicles