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Yeast fodder
Oleksandr Zinchenko
+38 (095) 273-57-46

Yeast fodder

SENDA supplies yeast fodder – protein and vitamin containing product for feeding livestock, poultry, ground game and fish.

Protein from yeast fodder is 95% utilized by animal organism. Phosphorus and calcium containing in the product contribute to the development of animal skeleton, and vitamins of group B regulate fat metabolism. Due to the content of amino acids yeast fodder is similar to animal protein.

Yeast fodder offered by SENDA is certified and meets the relevant product quality standards. Composition.

If necessary, we are ready to provide you with samples of yeast fodder that will allow you to decide on the future purchase. To get a sample, please contact the relevant product manager.


40 kg bags

Minimum order

From 5 tons

Delivery geography

Ukraine and abroad


Delivery by our own vehicles