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Meat and bone meal
Oleksandr Zinchenko
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Meat and bone meal

SENDA is merchandising meat and bone meal –protein and mineral fodder for farm animals. This product improves the protein profile of the diet being an important element for the complete and balanced feeding.

The usage of meat and bone meal in animal and bird diet allows:

  • to enrich fodder with proteins, amino acids and vitamins;
  • to increase the nutritional value of feeds;
  • to normalize the metabolism in animals and birds;
  • to reduce the production cost of animal feed.

If necessary, we are ready to provide you with samples of meat and bone meal that will allow you to decide on the future purchase. To get a sample, please contact the relevant product manager.


Protein content in meat and bone meal: 40-45%, 55-60%.

Moisture content: below 7%, fat: below 40mgKOH/g, peroxide value: below 0.3% J2.

Our commodities are certified and meet the relevant product quality standards.


35-40 kg bags or 1 ton ± 10% big bags

Minimum order

From 1 tons

Delivery geography

Ukraine and abroad


Delivery by our own vehicles