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About us

SENDA has been working in the agricultural market of Ukraine for over 12 years and offers a wide range of feed additives and ingredients for feed manufacturing for different livestock and poultry.

The Company provides high quality grain cultures (legumes and cereals), oilseeds and by-products of those, such as oil, oil cake and oil meal, etc.

Our product portfolio features own-produced and foreign products. SENDA is an exclusive distributor of unique feed raw materials and additives from the constituents of spray dried blood (dried pigs blood); a supplier of fish meal manufactured in Morocco and Mauritania and a seller of meat and bone meal of local and foreign manufacturers.

Many years of experience and a well-developed regional network enables us to deliver throughout Ukraine and beyond its territory. In partnership relations SENDA always targets at the implementation of its commitments to the fullest extent, complex approach to carrying out of deliveries and achievement of mutually beneficial results.

Our complete product list you can find in the Product catalogue.